"Sustainable solutions can improve the quality of life."

One of the main goals of 24-Home is to focus on the sustainability of the building industry. Nowadays, more than 30% of all CO2 emissions is from the existing building industry and by the exponential growth of our world population these emissions will rise. Moreover, there are a lot of well-known climate problems today. In order to explain how 24-Home will contribute to a more sustainable world, a division of the specific characteristics of 24-Home houses is made.


24-Home believes in a circular economy (instead of a linear economy). By designing our houses in a way they can easily be changed, extend or placed in a different composition or at a different place, 24-Home will increase the life cycle of houses and the materials they are made from.

Waste reduction

By producing houses in advanced factories in combination with new innovative technologies, the production process results in less waste. Comparable with the traditional building industry, this will save at least 60% waste.

Integrating smart technologies

24-Home produces houses with innovative PV roofs. This will generate solar energy which can be used for electricity. By using this in combination with natural insulation materials and underfloor heating and cooling, 24-Home will produce in 2015 houses which are energy neutral. Moreover, 24-Home is now developing storage possibilities in order to make 24-Home houses off-grid in the near future.

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